Solstice Academy

Solstice Academy Is Designed To Help Dentists Finish Well

Beliefs & Actions

The Beliefs & Actions Course is a 6 module course designed to help you and your team take intentional action ...

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Podcast Performer

Podcast Performer is a 4 module course designed to boost your influence in the community. By becoming a community inf...

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EQ Performer

EQ Performer is a 4 module course designed to train you and your team to become emotionally intelligent high performe...

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Social Growth Factor

The Social Growth Factor is a 4 module online course designed to show you and your team how to generate higher p...

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5M One-Day Experience

We partner with dentists who find themselves on the search for the next phase in their practice development. One Day...

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5M Masters Academy

The 5M MastersAcademy is a 12 module online course complete with bonus modules designed to teach you how to beco...

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