5M Masters Academy

The 5M MastersAcademy is a 12 module online course complete with bonus modules designed to teach you how to become a $10,000 a day producer.


1. Target
2. Create
3. Trust
4. Feel
5. Build
6. Generate
7. Maximize
8. Book
9. Tour
10. Master
11. Communicate
12. Measure

As a bonus you'll also receive the Top Gun Conference DVDs.

And you will receive bonus training from team members Angie Cain and Sheila Williams. Both have been a part of my dental team for over 30 years.

Most dentists have no idea how to finish their career well. The 5m Masters Academy equips you to make the changes required to see your vision fulfilled. Dentists who complete the 5M Masters Academy have confidence in their practice and their future.

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